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High-impact giving

Funding real-world change

Founders Pledge members gave more to our in 2023 than in any previous year.

In fact, 53% of all the money donated by our members went to our recommendations. That money is already at work advancing a broad range of causes.

$84 million to our recom­mendations

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Powering the impact machine

In 2023, for every $1 given in support of our mission, we moved $11 to our recommended funding opportunities.

We've spent the last nine years developing a methodology grounded in data and evidence that produces outsized results. We’ve never been more effective at multiplying impact, thanks in part to the work of our Research and Advisory teams.

  • Our Research team is both an internal think tank and charity evaluator, rigorously so that we can recommend the best opportunities.
  • Our philanthropic Advisors provide a tailored service that allows members to become more effective and confident in their giving. They bring expertise and strategic direction, and translate our research and recommendations into tangible goals that align with members’ personal values.

Our back a portfolio of effective solutions through unique opportunities not traditionally available to individual givers – such as filling urgent funding gaps, co-creating grant projects, and seeding new initiatives.

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2023 highlights

Uncovered 22 new high-impact funding opportunities, ending the year with a total of 52 recommendations.

Granted $8.7 million through the Funds. Fund Managers advised individuals on an additional $6.5 million in giving and crafted co-funded grants to fill unique time-sensitive opportunities.

Doubled our advising capacity, allowing us to work with more members and expand our support in the US, and advised 94 members on their giving.

Published 11 reports and articles, including major research on catastrophic biological and nuclear risks, a review of how we evaluate charities, and a guide to discounts used in our cost-effectiveness analyses.

“When my husband and I decided to formalize our giving strategy, we had only the vaguest sense of what we wanted to achieve. We felt overwhelmed, didn't know where to start, and had little time for research. Founders Pledge’s advisors helped us through the process - from clarifying areas of interest, to understanding the concept of high-impact philanthropy, and finding the best opportunities. The Donor Advised Fund has allowed us to take advantage of time-critical, high-impact opportunities we wouldn't have been aware of otherwise. I know we’ve given away more value, faster and more effectively with the team’s support.”

Isobel Morton
Member & Trustee