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Our mission

Empowering entrepreneurs to do immense good   

2023 by the numbers

All monetary amounts are shared in USD unless stated otherwise.

We want to solve complex, urgent, neglected problems.

We believe funding the is one of the best ways to do it. We equip entrepreneurs with expertise, infrastructure, and support to ensure their resources stretch as far as possible and move the needle on some of the world’s biggest problems.

Our comprehensive services provide everything our members need to maximize their impact by giving generously and effectively:

  • In-depth research into a wide range of cause areas and intervention types that enables high-impact giving
  • One-to-one philanthropic advising to design a giving strategy that aligns with members’ personal goals
  • Our secure, flexible, and tax-efficient Donor Advised Fund which makes the practicalities of giving easy
  • Unique events to learn from fellow founders and change-makers around the world

We do not charge fees or take cuts from the donations we facilitate. We’re proud to be a nonprofit ourselves and are grateful to be supported by a network of donors (many of whom are our members) who believe in our work as an impact multiplier.

Together, we’re making high-impact giving the new normal.

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