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We pride ourselves on being an impact multiplier. In 2023, for every $1 given in support of our mission, $22 was moved to the charitable sector, and $11 was granted to our high-impact recommendations.

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Our total operating expenses in 2023

We’re proud that our work is made possible by the support of generous donors who believe in our ability to multiply their impact.

If you’re a UK taxpayer, the value of your gift can be increased by 25% under the Gift Aid scheme at no extra cost. Many members and other donors support our work by allocating their Gift Aid-eligible donations to us. It is the easiest way to ensure we can continue to provide our community with the resources to give generously and effectively, so that together we can transform the world.

We wanted to go one step further and offer aligned, thoughtful, and ambitious philanthropists the opportunity to design their own research agenda based on their giving priorities. That’s why we launched Philanthropy Partnerships, a way to move the needle on the causes individuals care about most with the support of our world-class Research and Advisory teams. The partnership is best suited to philanthropists who plan to give $5m+ a year.

What our supporters say

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Founders Pledge’s exceptional research and advising have helped my wife and me to identify high-impact philanthropic opportunities that we would otherwise have missed. Being exposed to their expertise has sharpened our understanding and awareness, and informed some of our first DAF donations. We’ve also benefited tremendously from conversations with founders from the community. Given the impact this has had on our own philanthropic efforts, it was clear that supporting Founders Pledge’s mission would have a multiplier effect, both for fellow members and for the charities they recommend.

Pranav Gokhale
Sustaining Partner

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Founders Pledge helped us get into philanthropy. The team surfaced questions around our values and attention which helped us define our interests, the financial structure helped us put aside funds that we can donate over time, and the platform made the process of giving very simple - so we can focus on substance. Fixing the world requires innovation and capital, and Founders Pledge taps one of the best sources for both - tech founders. That’s why we support their mission.

Guy & Gal Podjarny
Foundry Members

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Founders Pledge has been an important source of guidance for me in terms of high-impact giving opportunities - the majority of my philanthropic work has happened through them, utilizing their research and recommendations. When I was first introduced to the team, it was encouraging to think about how I could use the funds from my business to make a measurable difference to people's lives. I support their mission through Gift Aid, because I believe in what the team are doing to unlock more philanthropic potential from the startup sector.

Ben Medlock
Sustaining Partner

Thank you to our...

Foundry members
  • Alex Gerko
  • Andrew White & Nicola Kelly
  • David Helgason
  • Eric & Wendy Schmidt
  • Guy & Gal Podjarny
  • Iza Sia Login
  • Jaan Tallin
  • Joachim Ante
  • John Hering
  • Luke Ding
  • Neil Hutchinson & Jessica Stroup
  • Shirley & Curtis Chambers
  • Taavet Hinrikus & Silvia Fantauzzi
  • Vikrant Bhargava & Dr. Surbhi Virmani
Sustaining Partners
  • Adam & Dana Katz
  • Alexander Asseily & Family
  • Aron Gelbard & Caroline Harding-Gelbard
  • Ben & Zoe Medlock
  • Brian Crain
  • Calvin French-Owen
  • Carly Stockdale & Tom Griffiths
  • David & Eli Gardner
  • Eric Neuner
  • Eric Ross & Nicole MacNeel
  • Erik Bergman
  • Erik Byrenius
  • FJ Labs
  • Gregorio Zanon
  • Isobel & Chris Morton
  • Jack Smith & Dawoon Kang
  • James Chappell
  • James Crowley
  • Jascha Hoffman
  • Jeremy Yap
  • John & Susan Baird
  • Joseph McCarthy
  • Justin Hilton
  • Nick Popovici & Charley Gloerfelt
  • Pranav Gokhale
  • Rand Hindi
  • The Read Family Foundation
  • Robert Mollen
  • Silvia & Kristian Segerstrale
  • Steve & Rosita Newman
Legacy donors
  • Gregory J. & Sharon R. Falk
  • Peter & Amy Crosby
  • Shaunalia Kahn & Jorja Kahn
Corporate partners & supporting foundations
Better Nature Foundation
Open Philanthropy
Schmidt Futures
UBS Optimus Foundation

An innovative new venture fund investing exclusively in our members' companies, designed as a new economic engine to power our work by donating 85% of carried interest to Founders Pledge. The fund is rules-based in its approach, co-investing alongside top-tier funds in high-growth companies. We believe this unique model could fundamentally change how we sustain ourselves going forward.

In-kind partners
Dropbox Sign
Founders Forum Group
Hangarter Legal
Neon Law (formerly BMH Brautigam)
Squire Patton Boggs
Research partners
Happier Lives Institute
Open Philanthropy
Rethink Priorities
Schmidt Futures

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