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Impact infrastructure

Streamlining high-impact giving

2023 by the numbers



in contributions

YoY +102%



in grants

YoY +151%



in high-impact grants

YoY +262%

Efficient, scalable operations are our priority.

We continue to invest in and improve our infrastructure, to support a growing community to fund the most impactful organizations and initiatives around the world.

Enhanced giving & finance infrastructure
  • Introduced investment options to our US Donor Advised Funds, so that members’ funds can grow tax-free before they’re granted out
  • Upgraded our global accounting system and database infrastructure to scale and improve our DAF programs
  • Implemented a new grant diligence platform to streamline our grantee experience and enable our team to focus on complex grant-making
New online & member app experience
  • Rebuilt our website, so that it’s easier to explore every aspect of our offering, learn about our funding recommendations, and browse our extensive reports archive
  • Continued to expand the capabilities of our member app, which is now the main way for members to onboard into our community and manage their giving. Members who support any of our recommended funding opportunities can explore the expected real-world outcomes of their support - a major step in closing the loop on the immense good they’re doing
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"I really value how Founders Pledge streamlines all the aspects of grant-making that are a heavy lift on your own. It frees you up to focus on understanding the issues you care about and making sure you're investing in the most promising solutions."

John Hering
Member & Foundry donor